In Lustrabadet you will find activities and attractions for everyone.

Sports- and Family


In Lustrabadet you will fin activities and attractions for both young and grown. A 25 meter long pool with six swimming lanes, with a 5 meter tall jumping tower almost touching the roof. If you dare, you can jump from 1, 3 and 5 meters. On top you will find the entrance for our 65 meter long slide which measures your time from start to end. There is also a climbing wall, a short and faster slide and children and baby pools with air bubbles, a fountain and a slide.

Relaxation and warmth


After climbing, sliding and jumping, it might be nice to relax. On Lustrabadet we have warm pools with air and watermassage, “The Cave” which is a dark room with beautiful lighting and warm water. You might also enjoy our saunas, where you can challenge the steamsauna or enjoy the traditional one. Last but not least, take a sit outside in our large jacuzzi with a view towards the mountain “Hest”. For the brave, we recommend a jump in our 10 degree celsius pool… but hurry back in the jacuzzi!


Woman’s changingroom: Equipped with a designated changing area and lockable closets.

Men’s changingroom: Equipped with a designated changing area and lockable closets.

Large changingroom: Two changingrooms adapted for families or visitors with disabilities.


Thomas Morel

Thomas Morel was born and raised in the Deutch town, Den Bosch. In 2004 he moved with his family to the little village Feios by the Sognefjord. Later he moved to Bergen and settled the with his companion, Frida Berdal. Now he has a office in Bergen, but says himself that he  will spend most of his time in little Feios where his companion is originally from.

Thomas Morel invisterte i et digitalt Hasseblad kamera og Broncolor studiolys-system  i 2007 og starta opp TMstudios. Som tidligare turnar falt interessa hans raskt på å fryse bevegelsar som er for raske for menneske å sjå.

In 2007 Thomas Morel bought a Hasseblad camera and Broncolor studiolighting-system and started TMstudios. Fascinated by motion, and with a history in gymnastics, Morel captures human motion too quick for the eye to see. Now he is well known for capturing extraordinary and incradible moments in a detailed and dramatic way.


Thomas’ passion can be described like this:

A spectacular jump can be beautiful in its entirety, but can also loose its value when frozen in a moment of infinity.

The real art in photography is catching that exact moment where everything is on its greatest, but still honoring the beautiful motion from whence it came


When Lustrabadet worked together with Thomas, we experienced an incredible commitment and passion for photography and the project. Even without education within photography, Thomas’ many years of dedication and love for photography has taken him where he is today. With customers all over the world, he has been in New York, Hawaii, Canada and of course in the Netherlands.

Check out Thomas Morel’ photographies in the cafê, in the shower area, by the pool area and by the saunas!

Marianne Heske

Marianne Heske (b.1946) is known as one of Norways greatest living artists. Internationally she is most known for “Gjerdeløa” (1980), a traditional Norwegian hut from the 1800s, which you can visit in the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

Marianne studied in Bergen Artschool, École Superieure des Beaux-Arts i Paris, Royal College of Art i London and Jan Van Eyck Academie i Maastricht. She has had exhibitions in Cité Internationales des Arts i Paris, Henie-Onstad Artcenter, Bergen Art Association og Gallery F15 in Moss. Marianne Heske is represented in the museum collections of the Nationalgallery, Henie Onstad Artcentre and Ville de Paris. She has also represented Norway in the nordic pavilion in the Biennal in Venezia, Sao Paolo and world art display in Hannover.

Marianne works in a variety of medias, among several: Videoart, installation and graphics. Within graphics she mainly works with litography, videolitography and silkprintings. She got her international breakthrough with computerpainting. This is a painting that has its origin in a videotape of landscape. The recordings get digitalised or transferred to PC, and from these huge panoramas are created.

The common title for the pictures in Lustrabadet is “Mountains of the Mind”. They are captured on Sognefjellet, in the Hurrungane and by the Sognefjord.

You will find her pictures by the second largest pool in Lustrabadet, the wellness pool.